Yay, I have survived Week 1! I meet with LA and my training buddy Amy Fisher this morning at the studio for our weekly workout. And whoa, what a workout! Our “warmup” was a circuit of pushups, plank (bringing arms to belly), DB deadlifts, and ab roller. Holy God….after the first 2 rounds I felt like collapsing. I was feeling super out of shape, and glanced over at Amy afraid she was beasting the warmup, while I was working my ass off. She was doing awesome, but I could see struggle in her eyes too. That along with LA’s tasteful soundtrack (we have similar taste in music…I’m sorry but booty music rocks my world during workouts) was wonderful motivation. The session was great and totally challenging.

And now to quote Clark Wilhelm “Sparky” Griswold, Jr…..”Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where’s the Tylenol?”


About jibrantl

I am an endurance racer, figure competitor and health food enthusiast. I have done everything from the Jungle Marathon to the Tri-Fitness World Challenge. I love staying active, cooking wholesome meals and sharing my passion with others!
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