Today I was pretty productive.  After the morning session, I decided to go to the grocery store and cook in bulk, so I wouldn’t have to spend so much time planning my meals through the week. Like I said, the diet is the biggest challenge for me so I am really trying to spice it up so I don’t go crazy. After some fun experimentation, I found myself to be pretty successful 🙂

Experiment 1: Egg Whites

If you read my diet for the first 2 weeks, you will realize that I am consuming an ungodly amount of egg whites. Not only is a lot egg-eating, but it is also a lot of egg-buying which can turn out to be a burden on the budge. Fortunately, my friend Matt suggested I buy eggs and just separate the yolks. My initial response was something like hell no, that is way too much work, but after some after making a quick little excel spreadsheet, I realized I would be wasting a lot more money than time if I stuck with these egg white cartons – savings of $7.73/week- that is $401.96 per year! (based on $4.35 for a 32 oz carton of egg whites and a $2.39 for the 18 pack of whole eggs).


Now, once I completed the egg yolk separation, my next challenge was to figure out what to do with all these yolks. (I couldn’t just throw them away while I was on this saving streak!) Solution…..google it. Here’s what I found: http://www.livestrong.com/article/221689-egg-yolk-hair-treatment/

Eww gross- who the hell would put egg yolks in their hair?? Umm, this girl, and guess what I now have awesome voluptuous hair I am going to be flipping and twirling all week. Not really, but I do feel better about myself for not trashing them.

OK, I like eggs and all (with cheese and ketchup and/or hot sauce), but plain egg whites…not so much. Well LA told me about her fantastic idea of mixing the egg whites with oat bran to make a pancake. PANCAKE….now that’s a word that agrees with my palate 🙂

So here’s the result of experiment 1:

Egg white pancake with oatbran and cinnamon

Experiment 2: Grill

My dad got me a charcoal grill for my birthday (not sure why, but oh well). At first, I had another wtf moment because honestly, I have never used one of these contraptions before. I figured it couldn’t be too difficult…charcoal, lighter fluid, and FIRE. I’m a bit of a pyro (jk) so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Fortunately, I  did not blow anything up and actually ended up with some pretty damn good burgers, chicken, and veggies.


Experiment 3: Tuna

Canned tuna….something I cannot really get excited about eating. In my past non-figure training Jessica life, I would make a Mediterranean tuna salad with lots of spices and EVOO. My new diet, however, limits my condiments, so I am forced to find a way to spice up my tuna experience. Fortunately, I found a recipe in LA’s diet blog that used tuna, spendla, and Frank’s hot sauce. It sounded really weird, so of course I had to try it. I modified the version and combined salmon, PureVia, Franks and spinach to make a delicious salad. YUMM 🙂

Alright, all the this food talk makes me hungry….time for meat and potatoes!


About jibrantl

I am an endurance racer, figure competitor and health food enthusiast. I have done everything from the Jungle Marathon to the Tri-Fitness World Challenge. I love staying active, cooking wholesome meals and sharing my passion with others!
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