Week Dos!!

Yess,  I have survived the second week and most difficult week of figure training.  Do I still have cravings? YES.  Do I still wonder if I am cut out for all this? Yes. Buut, I am still the same stubborn girl that signed up for this, so no matter how many people tell me it’s dumb or demoralizing, I will keep on trucking. Actually, I appreciate the few that try to discourage me, as it just fuels my fire to prove you wrong 🙂

Now to cover some positive aspects of the training….

1. Since I succesfully completed the 2 weeks and proved to LA that I can eat and workout like a pro, I have earned 2 cheat meals a week.  And when I say cheat, I don’t mean a small turkey sandwhich with some carrots….we’re talking pizza, burger, whatever my heart and body desires. I don’t really crave unhealthy food though so I am now debating what to eat..Ha just kidding! From the moment LA uttered the word cheat,  I had already pictured this:


Yes, on Wednesday I will be stuffing my face with something that contains Nutella….mmm I am excited!! Saturday is my next cheat day…..that will be something incorporating Peanut Butter. OK, I must quit talking about these heavenly spreads before I sound like a crazy.

Everything else is about the same. I am still lifting with no cardio and following the lean protein diet. On Tuesday, I have been working out with a group DT and we do everything from climbing walls and jumping through trees to carrying each other up the parking deck. Totally fun and I am always sore as shit for the rest of week.

Alright, here is my new inspirational quote to finish off: “Obsessed is what lazy people call the dedicated”.


About jibrantl

I am an endurance racer, figure competitor and health food enthusiast. I have done everything from the Jungle Marathon to the Tri-Fitness World Challenge. I love staying active, cooking wholesome meals and sharing my passion with others!
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