What Happened to Being an Athlete??

I’ve had a few people ask me why I gave up being an “athlete” to train for a figure competition.  Well, first of all, let me clarify by saying that I am still indeed an athlete.  (athlete, according to Webster dictionary:  a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina).  I train, workout and compete….so yeah, it’s all there.  Now to answer your question about giving up the whole triathlon world is pretty simple- I am burned the F out.  I have mad respect for runners and triathletes. The training, racing and and self-discipline is completely taxing both mentally and physically. I also consider completing marathons and a half-ironman some of my biggest life accomplishments. But they are just that- accomplishments. At this point, doing another big race would just be torture. Yes, I did at one point have the goal to complete an ironman by the time I am 30, but right now, I have no such desire.  For me, it is just a selfish cause. I can’t be around my friends and family- instead I would be stuck running and cycling for hours on end. I am not saying that I condemn the ironman triathletes- not at all, it is completely astonishing. It’s just that my social life and key interests do not really incorporate that. I like working out (in “moderation” 1-2 hours a day is plenty for me), cooking and looking good (sorry, call me narcissitic but we all know that when you look good you feel good). Figure training incorporates all these. I get to cook a ton, lift and do fun circuits and one day I will be bronze and beautiful (aka orange and shiny).  Yeah, I know I am probably not pursuing the most noble cause on earth, but at least it keeps out of trouble….for now 🙂


About jibrantl

I am an endurance racer, figure competitor and health food enthusiast. I have done everything from the Jungle Marathon to the Tri-Fitness World Challenge. I love staying active, cooking wholesome meals and sharing my passion with others!
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