TriFitness Recap

First things first- what is TriFitness?? The complete TriFitness event actually consists of 4 events: 1. Obstacle course 2. Fitness skills 3. Grace and Physique 4. Fitness Routine.  The fitness skills are comprised of a bench press challenge at 60% body weight, 20″ box jumps and a shuttle run. There is also the Dual Challenge which consists of everything but the Fitness routine, which is what I did since I am neither dancer or gymnast…

Next, why did I chose to compete in Trifit?? Well, as most of ya’ll know I used to do a lot of running, cycling and swimming. And after a half ironman, I decided no mas and switched lanes and did a NPC figure competition last year. I loved everything about the training- the workouts, the clean eating, the crazy transformation in my physique, but I was honestly disappointed with the actual competition. I worked my ass off to be on stage with mostly starving, catty bitches who would do ANYTHING for a 5 dollar trophy.

After the show I continued to eat healthy and strength train, but I felt like I needed something more- more than another figure comp. So in January, I decided to register for Trifit. I really didn’t know too much about it, but it looked fun, and at least I could do something more than prance around on stage in a sparkly suit and stripper heels.

I didn’t really start training or dieting for it until about mid February, which I now realize was definitely not enough time. Even though I did a lot of strength/resistance training for my NPC show, it was mostly free weights and body weight. Not to mention, the background in endurance sports did not exactly give me the most upper body strength. On top of that, in April, work had a shit storm project hit that required many 4:30 wakeup mornings and weekend work. Despite it all, I was determined to stick with it and give it my best shot.

About 3 weeks out from the show, I started cutting. Honestly, I never did more than hour of cardio/week and my calories never dropped below 1500, but I still  leaned out quick- damn high metabolism. The week before the show I upped my carbs and did  a whole 10 minutes of cardio, and somehow still dropped weight. Go figure!

Anyways, now on to the good stuff :). On Thursday morning, my dear fiance and I flew out to Tampa for the event. Everything was setup at the Tradewinds Resort in St Pete Beach, which was super nice and convenient. After checking it and all that jazz, I was required to weigh in for the bench press. I came in at a whopping 125- God only knows how. I swear I was still eating food like this  in the final week.

Proof that you don’t have to eat tuna fish and spinach every meal to drop weight

On Friday morning, I reported back to the event to compete in the bench press challenge. I was required to do at least 10 reps at 75 lbs, which again is a lot for me (10×50 was my max back in Feb). I managed to get in 12- not a lot compared to the girls that did the max of 50 (holy shit), but I was proud- I came a long way. But I also knew there was no way in hell I was placing in fitness skills after that.

Afterwards, I spent some time at the beach with mi amore and then started getting ready for the grace and physique. 2 coats of spray tan, hair, makeup- all that fun shit we females put ourselves through. I then spent a good 3 hours backstage waiting to go on, but it was no where nearly as bad as the last show. The girls were super friendly and really just wanted to have a good time. We were all nervous, but I don’t think many were THAT concerned about the grace and physique. Mostly, we discussed the obstacle course (and I soon discovered I was the only competitor that had never actually attempted it) and the fitness skills, while a few drank wine and danced.

When I finally got to go on, I felt really good and confident with my performance. We were split up in age groups (which was strange, as most go by height). We were told to not flex or pose, but to just do a T walk and appear to be having fun. I know I was probably still a bit too lean, but I definitely felt more toned than the majority of the other girls, who were softer and had more bikini competitor physiques. Unfortunately, the judges favored those physiques. They only announced the winners of the age groups, so I have no idea where I placed in mine. Again, I thought the winner in my class looked pretty soft, but these things are very subjective so who knows. I was just happy to make the progress and get on stage with no face planting!

Post Grace and Physique

After the show, John and I split some amazing fish tacos and a 10 oz burger from heaven. For some reason, the server boy was nervous around us (perhaps because I was eating like a ravenous lion?) and included some free cervezas and a berry cobbler. Those were also delicous.

Dank fish tacos

Heaven burger

On the wee hours of Saturday morning, I sadly had to take John to the airport, since he is a highly demanded photographer and had to shoot a wedding back in Raleigh. I then returned to start gearing up for the obstacle course. As I said before, I’m fairly certain I was the only competitor that had never attempted it. Most of the girls had done Trifit before, and the rest had either done some sort of training camp, or had built their own course. There was a group from Tampa that practiced on the exact course 2x a week and the rest had recreated their own course. Not trying to make excuses here, but c’mon!

Cargo net and some of the OC

Thank geezus, we did at least get a WU before we started. One of the sweet Canadian girls (who was instantly impressed when I told her it was my first time) helped me through the WU and gave me as many pointers as possible.  The first obstacle was a 10 ft wall (which she told me it took her at the others at least 10 tries before they could clear it). I did that one fine- not stellar, but I got over it! Next were incline/decline monkey bars- again not great, but I could do them decent. A few other obstacles then a 20 ft cargo net we were supposed to climb up and flip over. W.T.F. That was the worst- I did it, but shit, I’m terrified of heights. Then a few other small obstacles, some 30″ hurdles, more small ones and sprint to the finish.

While waiting to finally compete on the course, I talked to some other competitors that were super friendly as well. Honestly, I did not run into one person the entire weekend that WASN’T nice and helpful. I met a trainer from Indiana that came with his 2 of this girls that gave me as much info as he could about the course and the other skills. It was beyond refreshing to be at an event where people were only in competition with themselves and to have fun!

After about 2 hours, I was finally up, and as my luck has it, I  was paired with a Canadian chick that got the fastest time of the day. BUT I did it, and I was happy with myself. I was able to get through it with really no practice and thank goodness no injuries (another common occurrence for first-timers apparently).

The day finally concluded with 5 20″ box jumps and the shuttle run. Those events went pretty quick, but were still challenging after every everything else!

On Sunday, I decided to compete in yet another obstacle course that was separate from Trifit. It was called the True Grit team challenge, and it was solely to have fun and raise money for Huntington’s disease. I joined a team of 9 other girls, team CanAm (half us American, and the rest Canadian). Here is a video of all the obstacles we had to do:

This was honestly my favorite event of the weekend. I loved the comradery, racing on the beach and I was able to look to compete better (since it was the first year and few had done the course). Our team also took first place in the all female division 🙂

Team CanAm

Soo in summary: I loved TriFitness- the people, the venue, the events….it was just awesome. I will definitely compete again with some adjustments in my training (like build a 10 ft wall, find a cargo net- anyone?). I probably won’t even try to diet down for it, since they go for a softer look AND it will help keep my strength up. But mostly, I am happy to have found an event that I can actually feel good about(both mentally and physically)!


About jibrantl

I am an endurance racer, figure competitor and health food enthusiast. I have done everything from the Jungle Marathon to the Tri-Fitness World Challenge. I love staying active, cooking wholesome meals and sharing my passion with others!
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3 Responses to TriFitness Recap

  1. Katy says:

    Sounds awesome, Jess! Sure does beat the hell out of figure comps! Super proud of you!

  2. Barbara says:

    That obstacle course looked sooooo hard. Lifting the tires would have put me in bed for a week! You deserve a diploma for just completing the dang thing.

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