Old Skool

I realize it has been a hot minute since I have blogged, but I try only write posts on fitness-relevant topics, and to be quite honest, I have not exactly been the fitness icon here lately. I won’t get into the details but the last few months have been straight chaos. From this, I have learned that when your life turns into a shit storm, you need more than the image of a skinny bitch in a bikini to motivate you to get to the gym. But don’t freak out- this is still hope for you, for me, and any other stress-burden, PB-binging chicks out there. With the help of modern technology and my mad music skills, I have created a plethora of playlists that will have your booty shaking, squatting and hip thrusting (whoa dirty minds- it’s an actual exercise move. google.com it). I will start with one of my favorites, Old Skool. Check it out, plug in your ipod and see if you are not craving some hard core lifting-cardio time 🙂


  1. I’ve Got the Power- Snap
  2. Vanilla Ice- Ice Ice Baby
  3. Da Dip- Freak Nasty
  4. Push it- Sat n Pepa
  5. Gonna Make You Sweat- C+C Music Factory
  6. Shoop- Salt n Pepa
  7. This is How We Do It- Montell Jordan
  8. U Can’t Touch This- MC Hammer

About jibrantl

I am an endurance racer, figure competitor and health food enthusiast. I have done everything from the Jungle Marathon to the Tri-Fitness World Challenge. I love staying active, cooking wholesome meals and sharing my passion with others!
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